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WUKONG Media is a U.S. based content creation agency.

We are a branded media company incubated by Overseas Student Service Corp in the United States. It connects the brand promotion and business promotion between China and the United States, especially in the 15-45 age group. The business involves IP incubation, knowledge content output, IP investment, fan cultivation and business opportunity transaction conversion. Wukong Media is a Chinese creative content agency.

【Online Platforms】
Xiaohongshu, Sina Weibo, WeChat Public, WeChat Video, Bilibili, Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Zhihu

Team Strength
80 million + exposure
22 million + fans matrix
4 million + IP lineup
60+ million bloggers

Open positions

Send your resume to

Content Operations Editor / Influencer Management

- WhatYouDo -

Responsible for recruiting and expanding, digging network artists, assisting signed artists to complete the signing process, collating artist information;
Responsible for the daily maintenance of the signed artists.
Recruiting different styles of artists according to the needs of operation: effectively optimizing artist recruitment and management.
Communicate with various departments regularly to obtain feedback and deal with the issue.


- WeHopeYou -

High sense of responsibility, good executive power and written expression ability;
Proactive, willing to accept challenges, strong teamwork spirit;
Work conscientiously and proactively, ready to identify problems and be able to bring the effective advice to the problems.
Good work ethics, careful, practical, steady, and hard-working.
Strong interest and sensitivity to new media, heavy user of new media, familiar with Weibo, WeChat, RED, BiliBili, Zhihu, etc.
With or without work experience (interns are accepted)

New Media Business Operations

- WhatYouDo -

Promotion and expansion of new media channels, through TikTok, Ins, little red book, Weibo and other platforms of KOC/KOL promotion cooperation, live, commercial and other cooperation expansion.
Screening and choosing: select KOC/KOL with good data and brand matching to complete the promotion cooperation;
The development and maintenance of medium and large bloggers, planning and promotion of online activities.
Content operation of self-media platforms. Including TikTok official account, TikTok matrix account, RED, Weibo, Ins, WeChat official account, etc.
Daily process collaboration, including English email writing, video content review, etc.
Maintain the relationship of KOC/KOL and establish a cooperative resource base the above job requirements.


- WeHopeYou -

Patience, seriously and responsibly work attitude.
Have good email writing skills in English, and good communication skills.
Have some marketing promotion and marketing experience.
Understand content operation mode of the new media platforms.

Event Planner

- WhatYouDo -

Participate in the planning of events, analyze and research the activity needs of the target group, and be able to independently complete the writing of the complete activity plan.
Assist in the coordination of activities, communicate with activity partners and actively explore and contact new potential cooperation. Manage the atmosphere of the event group.
Participate in the implementation of activities, as the venue control personnel to ensure the order, quality and atmosphere of the event site.
Follow up on the conversion of activities, summarize the experience of activities and room for improvement, follow up on the destination of participants, and actively think about attraction and new solutions.


- WeHopeYou -

Brainstorming, dare to think, dare to write, dare to argue.
Social bully, fight for every partner.
Adaptable, adaptable, not rigid.
The legs and feet diligent, run all over the city is not afraid!
Hard-working and hard-working, can maintain an optimistic mindset even when encountering setbacks.
Courageous to learn, reflecting and learning in tasks and challenges.
Active and cooperative, good at communicating with colleagues and taking the initiative to work with the team.

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