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 Powder Spray

Shiny highlight powder
Fits the skin easily
Highlighter Glitter Powder Spray

Highlight Powder Spray


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The high-gloss powder spray set is available in two different colors :pearl white and nude pink. You can use them alone or in combination to create shiny makeup.The gorgeous luster will make you eye-catching on any occasion. And show your beauty, from now on!

The highlighter spray has a refreshing texture and is non-greasy. It helps to cover excess oil and is not easy to clog pores. It has good adhesion and fits the skin easily when used. The flash effect can be maintained for a long time, making you shiny and charming every day!


Similar to the design of perfume spray, it is very convenient to use. Just press the balloon lightly and the shiny highlight powder will be sprayed on your cheeks.And the design of the exquisite glitter powder bottle is small and light, making the highlight powder spray easy to carry.


No animal testing, cruelty. With safe and healthy ingredients, it is an ideal beauty product. Let you use it at ease to create beautiful makeup. High quality brings you a pleasant experience.

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