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Award Choice Critics

Mike Swanson

Liu Xin


Mike Swanson

Art manager, SONY  Santa Monica

Mike is an art manager of SONY Santa Monica. He is also a creative project leader and executive/senior producer on 8 shipped titles. He has been developing video games for 30 years.Half of that time he was an artist and most of the next half was managing artists.   He has been lucky enough to work on many hit games and work with an incredibly talented and diverse group.  

"I am here to let you know that there is an amazing and fulfilling career as an artist that awaits you.  This career will open all manners of opportunities for you and will now allow you to work remotely or travel to your favorite city or area to work with others who share the same enthusiasm for creating artwork that you do.I can't wait to see all the amazing artwork being created for this event!"

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 1.57.34 PM.png

Liu Xin 

Photographer, freelance writer

Liu Xin is an independent photographer and freelance writer, her works have been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and she is also a pioneer of documentary photography in China. Her works have been included in photojournalism tutorials, and she was one of the first graduates of the journalism program of Renmin University of China, and she was the only female reporter in the golden age of the photography department of China Youth Daily in 1990.

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