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Artist:  Anais Stupka

Artwork: Mel (2021)


Artist:  Cara Wang

Artwork: Birth, Body, Embrace (2022)


Artist:  Xiong Wei

Artwork:  A Chinese Guy's First Boxing Conditioning In The Post Pandemic Era(2021)


Artist:  Ponnapa Prakkamakul

Artwork: ATTA (2020)


Artist:  Chanell Angeli

Artwork: Please Wait, Blooming in Progress (2020)


Artist:   U Tong Ao Ieong

Artwork: Size Varies (2021)


Artist: Fengxiao Xu

Artwork: Knotted mom (2021)


Artist: Xin Wen

Artwork: The Meat Market(2020)


Artist: Xiong Wei

Artwork:  G Long March (2017)

Concepts: Pessimism caused by life stress is like an invisible cage which make people cannot break away. It's a weird circle. Although people are trying so hard to running forward, running to the future, eventually we back to the starting point.

I started this event at 12:00 noon one day. Run 100 meters in the hour from 12:00 to 1:00, then 200 meters from 1:00 to 2:00, 300 meters from 2:00 to 3:00, and so do every following hours. The starting line is always the same and the distance per hour is 100 meters more than the previous one. Cameras hung from my chest recording a chest view of my body's movements and the time spent on each run. This hourly run continued until 12:00 at noon of the following day, for a total of 24 runs. Then I captured the last 100 meters of each period of video, which was the new 100 meters distance added to the last time, and edited them together, so that I could complete a 2400 meters run in the video, but it actually came from the repetitive movement that lasted for 24 hours.​

Size: variable


Artist: U Tong Ao Leong

Artwork:  The Ball Project (2020)

Concepts: This work is divided into three parts: the hand, the head, and the body. It is a process of entering into logic and rules. During the time we are born in society, we are constantly being programmed, and programming allows us to communicate and allows society to function. Yet what wakes us up from the programming is probably the desire to survive when we are first born.

Tags: Wood, cloth, copper, cable, brake/ Illusion, Labyrinth

Size: Actual work : approx. 300*360*900cm


Artist: Zijun Zhao

Artwork: Peephole(2021)


Artist: Xinru (Esther) Du

Artwork:  Gravity (2019)


Artist: Yuxuan An

Artwork: Crack Crack(2020)


Artist: Peter Yang

Artwork: Synoptic Halo (2021)


Artist: Carina Zhang

Artwork:  Dōu Dou (2021)

Concepts: When I was young, I could imagine anything to be my friend and play with them all day long. Dōu Dou, a plastic bag, is one of my most important imaginative friends. As I grew up, such ability to dream and imagine gradually disappeared, and Dōu Dou has become an ordinary plastic bag in my mind. Hope you never lose your imagination, it will be your best friend when you are alone!

Tags: stop motion; imaginative friend; childhood

Size: 4 minutes 30 seconds, 1080p 


Artist: Arabella Sharkey

Artwork:   Parsing (2021)

Concepts: Parsing is an experimental short film about a boy whose fears of insignificance and contemplations in life drive him mad to the process of imagining a double version of himself to help him cope, a double reality, a double purpose, another him?

Tags: experimental short film, narrative, script, screenwriting, though provoking

Duration: 2:58 minutes


Artist: Yuxuan An

Artwork:  Be a happy Chives(2021)


Artist: Yunzhe Arthur

Artwork:  Subculture  (2021)


Artist: Aimee Aimee

Artwork:  Steady; Steady 2.0; Steady 3.0; Steady 0.63(2022)


Artist: Jia Yan

Artwork:  Ecosystem (2021)


Artist: Hedy Zhang

Artwork:  Absent: Self-Portrait (2014-Present)


Artist: Ziyan Wang

Artwork:  Cow Over The Moon (2021)


Artist: Yiwei Wang

Artwork:  Unbuckled(2019)


Artist: Yu-Jung (Tina) Lai

Artwork:  Finding Clarity & Yourself in Two Worlds(2018)


Artist: Yizhi Liu 

Artwork:  Dried Fish

Concepts: People often use "dried fish( 咸鱼)" in Chinese to describe a lazy state. One day I walked along the east river on my way home. I saw a fish stranded. It was still alive. I climbed over the fence to help it return to the water. At that moment, I remembered the word "dried fish." The jumping fish proves the existence of vitality in dying. I think lazy people also have hidden vitality. I scanned my friends' living spaces and my body and placed them in a virtual nature. These life slices also record our vitality. I used Unity as the main carrier of my current digital works, because I wanted to provide the audience with a more authentic virtual experience that sought to exemplify the notion of creating a new world within a virtual space. The process of creating a new world within a virtual space is analogous to the process of an art installation. Additionally, I regarded this creation of a new world as a projection of the physical world in which I inhabit. To execute the

notion of translating a physical reality to a digital space, I used 3D scanning technique to introduce living environments including my own in the virtual world. In the screen recording video, the viewer can have a preview of the virtual worlds. I reduced the impact of walking on the player's camera, it gave the audience a feeling of flying in the video. Players can jump in the space. Jumping also brought joy to the

video. Additionally, the sound in the videos was one of the most interesting parts of the creative process. The messy drum beats and recording clips provide a breath of natural life to the artificial space. At the same
Tags: Interactive Video


Artist: Candice Lu

Artwork:  TIS-THE-FAIRY (2021)

Xu_Three Spirits_1_Cover - Simon Xu.png


Artist: Shiyu Yu

Artwork:   Three Spirits(2022)

Concepts: As a child, I read Dorey's illustrated version of "Christmas Carol" and remembered the image of the three ghosts very well, and this work was inspired by this book. Contrary to the "music", this is a narrative work, aiming to create concrete impressions.

Tags: Sound Art

Duration: 6:28 min


Artist: Yiran Zhang

Artwork: Delivery (2019)


Artist: Zhexing Shang

Artwork: Untitled (2022)


Artist: Zijun Zhao

Artwork: A Joy Funeral(2021)


Artist: Arabella Sharkey

Artwork:  Rose (2020)

Concepts: Rose' is an award-winning thriller short film. It unfolds in a surreal style about the protagonist, a ballerina who can't seem to recall the events of her missing ballerina friend, she can’t help but feel a sense of guilt. Sigmund Freud's 'repression' psychoanalysis theory is shown, as fragments and hauntings of what could have happened to Rose haunt Lily in her dreams, but still, she can’t quite remember. The story unfolds as real-time, memories and dream sequences unite. Reality and surrealism seem to merge. In time, Lily and the audience are forced to confront the truth... but the question on everyone’s mind is “What happened to Rose?”

Tags: short film, thriller, award-winning, surreal, experimental, lynchian, youth short film

Duration: 5 minutes


Artist: Yiran Zhang

Artwork: Drink Alone (2021)


Artist: Haoran Chen

Artwork: Best Fe(male) Artist 最受歡迎女(男)歌手 (2020)


Artist: Neko Jiang

Artwork: Self-exploration (2021)


Artist: Yuxuan An

Artwork: Where is XXX?(2022)


Artist: U Tong Ao Leong

Artwork: Box I - Map (2021)


Artist:   Luna Zhang

Artwork:  Tu Zi(2020)


Artist:  Katherine Xu

Artwork: Ming Zi (2018)


Artist:  Yuxin Feng

Artwork: OCEAN (2021)


Artist:  Hongyu Chen

Artwork: Echo (2022)


Artist: Arabella Sharkey

Artwork:  Just Glide (2021)

Concepts: Just Glide tells the story of a girl who faces her fear of ice skating, but anxiety strikes. She discovers in the end sometimes you need to let loose and “just glide” in order succeed and find bliss in life.

Tags: motivational, short film, ice skating, insightful

Duration: 3 minutes


Artist:   Qingqing Wang

Artwork: People Pointing Fingers at Me (2022)


Artist:   Junhan Shen

Artwork: The Braid (2020)


Artist:   Sohyoung Park

Artwork: Future POD  (2020)


Artist: Arabella Sharkey

Artwork:  The Girl Who Could Not See Faces (2020)

Concepts: The Girl Who Could Not See Faces' is a magical realism short film about a girl who can't see faces. It uses the unique approach of shooting a film from the perspective of the girl by not showing a single face throughout, who, by the end of the film, gains a new perspective unlike any other. The film has a French-stylistic touch to it through the music and a feeling of magic. It unfolds in a ‘storybook style’ and inspires hope in the audience through the light-hearted romance. It ends with an important message on perspective and how we can perceive the world, how sometimes it's more important to see from the heart to see things clearly.

Tags:short film, romance, comedy, award-winning, hong kong, experimental, magical realism, surreal

Duration: 5 mins


Artist:   Candice Lu

Artwork: Fusang and Kaiming (2021)


Artist: Arabella Sharkey

Artwork:  The Giant & The Beanstalk (2019)

Concepts: This film takes the classical fairy tale story "Jack and the beanstalk" and puts a reverse spin on it by telling the tale now in the Giant's perspective. The story is a metaphor and connects with audiences as so about isolation and misunderstanding. It was shot from the 52nd Floor of a residential apartment building in Hong Kong, and all footage was gained from that one room / the views outside.

Tags: reverse fairytale, unconventional, video art, video essay, short film, narration, pov, covid-19 film

Duration: 4:56 mintues


Artist: Florence Lanxuan Liu

Artwork:  Intertwined No.2 (2021)


Intertwined No.2 is an edition of artists’ books that challenge the conventional way of reading by reformulating the book as a metaphoric extension of the human body. Each sheet of paper is handmade using abaca pulp inlaid with human hair, all symbolizing the layers of skin that protect the body. The action of navigating through this book becomes an uncanny investigation of the vulnerable and private feminine body. 

Tags: papermaking; artistsbook

Size: 2' X 3' when opened


Artist:  Yiran Zhang

Artwork: "Love"(Repairing the Tofu) (2021)


Artist: Yiran Zhang



In this performance, I created a situation that tried to follow the movement of the files in my apartment while holding the flyswatter. The video is in 24 splits screen, and the duration of each video is different purposely, to let the audience stare at the screens as if they are spotting the flies. As the audience are only able to look at my distorted faces, whether the flies exist is ambiguous. By transforming this small everyday action, I intend to lead the audience to get involved in this confrontation with the invisible enemy.


Size: 2:05


Artist:  Yiran Zhang

Artwork:  A Family Recipe: Pancake (2021)

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